Friday, August 24, 2007

Actor Back One Year after Car Accident

Hu Ge came back to the limelight this June. [File photo:]

Martial arts TV drama "Legend of the Condor Heroes", which has been suspended for one year due to injuries of Hu Ge, its lead actor, will resume shooting on August 31.

Cai Yinong, agent of Hu Ge, said on Thursday that the accident had left a scar on Hu's eyelid, but there has been no plan to change the screenplay of the TV drama for that.

Hu Ge now is doing exercises for the drama, including horse riding and kung fu practice.

Hu Ge was in a car accident last August on the highway from Hengdian to Shanghai after finishing the day's shooting of the TV drama. His assistant died in the accident, and he himself suffered from severe injuries.

In the past year, he received many stitches for wounds on his forehead and also had surgery to his face.

The actor came back to the limelight this June.

"Legend of the Condor Heroes" was adopted from the works of the famous martial arts writer Jin Yong, or Louis Cha. Hu Ge takes the role of the lead character, Guo Jing, in the remake of this drama.

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