Thursday, December 31, 2009

Doctor Who: last episode will leave viewers heartbroken says David Tennant

David Tennant said that viewers would be left heartbroken by the final ''brilliant'' plot twists as he bows out of Doctor Who on New Year's Day.

David Tennant: goodbye to Doctor Who
David Tennant makes his last appearance as Doctor Who on New Year's Day Photo: BBC

Tennant, 38, who has been hailed by many as the best Doctor in the Time Lord's history, gave a hint about the big climax to the epic tale, which airs on BBC1 on New Year's Day. MORE HERE!

Fix a Warped Record

In a music scene saturated with digital recordings, vinyl records have been making an unlikely comeback of late. But while digital music is easy to play back and store, records require more care and attention to avoid scratches and warps. The usual culprits for warps are improper storage, heat and humidity. Severe warps can cause a record player's needle to skip and jump, and even minor warps can compromise sound quality. If you've got warped LPs in your collection, there are several things you can try to get them spinning flat again. MORE HERE!

Scrabble players in uproar as Facebook dictionary allows foreign and archaic words such as 'Pernod' and 'smoyle'

Outcry: Experts say online Scrabble games should use the game's official dictionary and not accept proper nouns such as Pernod, foreign words and archaic English

Outcry: Experts say online Scrabble games should use the game's official dictionary and not accept proper nouns such as Pernod, foreign words and archaic English. More here.

Pat Robertson and Christian clergy use Oral Roberts' funeral to promote financial scam

Pat Robertson with a constipated look on his face at Oral Roberts' fu-
neral. Pat and fellow clergy John Hagee, Ken and Gloria Copeland,
and many others, preached at the funeral promoting the financial scam
known as "seed faith". (AP Photo/David Crenshaw) MORE HERE!!

Lifelong love of the stage keeps Japan's oldest stripper dancing, charming audiences

Hikaru Wakao, billed as the oldest active stripper, prepares in her dressing room. (Mainichi)
Hikaru Wakao, billed as the oldest active stripper, prepares in her dressing room. (Mainichi)

A figure in a black kimono and a wig with a man's topknot stands on stage, drawing a laugh from the crowd as it pretends to mistakenly stab itself in the hand with a metal truncheon. A quick trip to the wings and the figure reappears, this time sporting an ornate red hairpin. The figure -- obviously a woman now -- basks in the spotlight, and begins to strip off her clothes. More here!

Cao Cao: Chinese archaeologists uncover vast tomb of infamous 3rd century ruler

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:46 AM on 29th December 2009

Chinese archaeologists have found what could be the tomb of Cao Cao, a skilful general and ruler in the third century who was later depicted in popular folklore as the archetypal cunning politician.

Archaeological officials say Cao's 8,000 sq ft tomb complex, with a 130ft passage leading to an underground chamber, was found in Xigaoxue, a village near the ancient capital of Anyang in central Henan province.

Historians say Cao Cao's outstanding military and political talents enabled him to build the strongest and most prosperous state in northern China during the Three Kingdoms period in 208 to 280 AD, when China had three separate rulers. More here.

Enlarge Cao Cao

The austere interior of Cao Cao's tomb. He ruled the Kingdom of Wei from 208 to 220 AD. More Here.

Selling what the dead leave behind

The belongings of those whose estates are handled by L.A. County are auctioned 10 times a year in the City of Industry. Some of the items tell unique stories of their own.


Kevin Smith tries on a hat before an auction. The items are collected by L.A. County, which tries to find heirs and wills. (Francine Orr, Los Angeles Times / November 14, 2009) More here.

The Lives They Lived: Ron Asheton: Quiet Punk

Published: December 23, 2009


Leni Sinclair

ONSTAGE WITH THE STOOGES The guitarist at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom in 1968. More here.

Disgusted Cornish complain to race chiefs about being called 'inbred'

Citizens of Cornwall, seen here celebrating St Piran's Day

Proud to be Cornish: Citizens of Cornwall, seen here celebrating St Piran's Day, have called on watchdogs to tackle the use of the term 'inbred' in relation to Cornish people. More here.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Scientists at the University of Montreal launched a search for men who had never looked at pornography - but couldn't find any. More here.

No, porn does not turn men into crazed sex fiends. But it's clear that pornography has affected the way we view -- and have -- sex. Here's how to counter porn's effects. More here.

Porn is entertainment, not a how-to manual. If men want to know what really turns women on, hetero porn is the last place they should look. More here.

The Sex Doctor Is Out - Violet Blue: Talk to your doctor about sex? You're better off asking Twitter. More here.

Methuen woman says she found image of Jesus on iron

Mary Jo Coady first noticed the face of Jesus on her iron on Sunday, when she entered her daughterÕs room. ÒFor someone like me, to see this ... it just reaffirms my faith,Ó said Coady. More Here.
Grant Morris / Staff Photographer

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