Sunday, August 09, 2009

Willy DeVille, Mink DeVille Singer and Songwriter, Is Dead at 58

Published: August 7, 2009

Willy DeVille, a singer and songwriter and the leader of the group Mink DeVille, whose adventurous forays into rhythm and blues, Cajun music and salsa made him one of the most original figures of the New York punk scene of the 1970s, died on Thursday in Manhattan. He was 58.

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Ebet Roberts

Willy DeVille in 1977.


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Rough justice - Victorian style

By Peter Jackson
BBC News

Assassination of prime minister Spencer Perceval
Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was shot dead in 1812

Stealing from a rabbit warren or impersonating a Chelsea Pensioner may not sound like crimes of the century, but in Victorian England they could land you with a hangman's noose around your neck.

Trial records newly released by the National Archives and put online have lifted the lid on a brutal penal system and showcased some of the most infamous criminal cases.


Korean Actors Take Their Shot at Hollywood

Supporting roles seen as opening doors to larger parts

By Park Soo-mee

August 3, 2009

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images
SEOUL -- At the Wednesday news conference for "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra," it wasn't Channing Tatum or Sienna Miller that caught the eyes of many Japanese fans who anxiously waited outside the hotel lobby to get a glimpse of their star. Instead, they all flew in to see the Korean actor Lee Byung-hun, who plays a supporting role in his first Hollywood live-action pic.

For Paramount Pictures, the film's distributor, this was a promising sign -- one that suggests the potential benefit of casting an Asian superstar to attract regional ticket buyers when marketing a quintessentially American film.


Did Spear-Throwing Humans Kill Neanderthals?

Neanderthal deathAnalysis of a Neanderthal skeleton known as Shanidar 3 found in the late 1950s shows that the he likely died from injuries incurred by a thrown spear, which scientists speculate was thrown by a modern human, according to a study published in the Journal of Human Evolution.

Although a nicked rib on his left side provided a hint as to what killed Shanidar 3, scientists remained stumped on the details for decades. To find a probable cause of death for the Neanderthal, the researchers used a specially-designed crossbow to fire stone-age projectiles at precise velocities at pig carcasses…. At kinetic energies consistent with a thrown spear, the pig’s rib bore damage consistent with Shanidar 3’s isolated rib puncture [Time]. Higher kinetic energies that matched a knife or spear thrust produced more massive rib damage than that sustained by Shanidar. The scientists also found that the weapon entered Shanidar’s body from about 45 degrees above his body, provided the 5-foot-6-inch Neanderthal was standing at the time.


Haggis was invented by the English, not the Scottish, says historian

Haggis was invented by the English before being hijacked by Scottish nationalists, a leading food historian has claimed.

Recipes for Burns Night
English recipe published 171 years before Robert Burns popularised the dish in Scotland Photo: Christopher Jones

Catherine Brown has discovered references to the dish in a recipe book dated 1615, The English Hus-wife by Gervase Markham.

This was published at least 171 years before Robert Burns penned his poem Address to a Haggis, which made the delicacy famous.


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