Saturday, January 30, 2010

The 6 Weirdest Things Women Do to Their Vaginas

What the hell is vaginal rejuvenation? Who would want their vagina bleached? Here's a list of the strangest ways to make your genitals meet the demands of the beauty industry.
January 30, 2010 |

What's wrong with your vagina? If you answered "nothing," you're probably wrong. According to the beauty-industrial complex, it's ugly, and it smells bad. But don't worry-- there's nothing that money can't fix. More here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Charita Goshay: Founding Fathers knew danger of state-run religion

By Charita Goshay
Posted Jan 21, 2010 @ 03:01 PM
Make no mistake: We’re a nation of believers, and anyone who thinks differently is in denial. To a man, the Founding Fathers were Christians or, in the case of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, deists.

However, those powdered wigs didn’t stunt their thinking. There’s a reason they didn’t give preference to any singular faith, either in the Declaration of Independence or in the Constitution. More Here.

The return of rickets: Victorian disease on the rise due to poor diet and lack of exercise

By Jenny Hope
Last updated at 9:58 AM on 22nd January 2010

Modern children' s lifestyles are putting them at risk of developing rickets, doctors have warned.

The bone disease, which was the scourge of Victorian Britain, is making a comeback because poor diets and the decline in outdoor play have led to a vitamin D deficiency.

Factors such as more time spent inside playing on computers have reduced the amount of outdoor activity children get compared with previous generations. More here.


Young victims: Rickets was the scourge of Victorian Britain

The Dry Garden: Foraging for mushrooms after the rain

January 18, 2010 | 11:01 am

After rain come mushrooms. Now is the season to explore one of the most mysterious and all too transient organisms that occur in dry gardens. More here.


BBC orders auction house to remove neo-classical goddess painting 'in case nipple offends viewers'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:29 AM on 22nd January 2010
neo-classical painting

Offensive? The 19-century oil painting which was removed from shot - more here.

Most Britons descended from male farmers who left Iraq and Syria 10,000 years ago (and were seduced by the local hunter-gatherer women)

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 1:37 PM on 20th January 2010

Our ancestors: Arrivals from Iraq and Syria in 8000 BC brought in new farming methods

Ancestors: Farmers from Iraq and Syria in 8000 BC built up communities in Britain

The invention of farming led to the first towns and paved the way for the dawn of civilisation.

The Leicester University study looked at a common genetic mutation on the Y chromosome, the DNA that is passed down from fathers to sons. More here.

Tomb of the Saxon Queen: Discovered, Alfred's granddaughter

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 10:13 AM on 21st January 2010

Discovered: The remains of Alfred the Great's granddaughter, Eadgyth - a Saxon Queen and one of the oldest members of the English royal family have been unearthed in a tomb in Germany

Discovered: The remains of Alfred the Great's granddaughter, Eadgyth - a Saxon Queen and one of the oldest members of the English royal family have been unearthed in a tomb in Germany - More here.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti's "pact with the devil" myth

How Pat Robertson turned a country's origin myth into a cheap invocation of Satanism Video
Wikimedia Commons

One of the most callous reactions to the Haiti disaster thus far has come from televangelist Pat Robertson, who told viewers of his Christian Broadcasting Network on Wednesday morning that he knew the real reason for the quake: The country's long-standing pact with Satan. More Here.

Stewart to Robertson: ‘Shut your pie hole, old man’

‘Utterly stupid’: WH slams Robertson over Haiti remarks

Another Christian Right Madman Suggests Haiti Earthquake May Be God's Wrath

'Attack 2': The Catch-22 of Sequels

The young cast of ``Attack the Gas Station 2,’’ the sequel to the hit 1999 comedy by Kim Sang-jin. A local gas station once again becomes prone to a full scale siege, this time involving the mafia, a teenage motorcycle gang and prisoners on the run. / Courtesy of Cinema Service

By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter
More Here

Foxy 'Roxxxy': world’s first 'sex robot' can talk about football

The world’s first “sex robot”, a life-size rubber doll called Roxxxy who can have real conversations with her owner, including about football, has been unveiled. More Here.

Douglas Hines: Foxy 'Roxxxy': world?s first 'sex robot' unveiled at adult expo
Douglas Hines said Roxxxy could even have a conversation about Manchester United with her owner. Photo: AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hominids Went Out of Africa on Rafts


ANAHEIM, Calif. — Human ancestors that left Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago to see the rest of the world were no landlubbers. Stone hand axes unearthed on the Mediterranean island of Crete indicate that an ancient Homo species — perhaps Homo erectus — had used rafts or other seagoing vessels to cross from northern Africa to Europe via at least some of the larger islands in between, says archaeologist Thomas Strasser of Providence College in Rhode Island.

More HERE.

Vatican reveals Secret Archives

A 13th-century letter from Genghis Khan’s grandson demanding homage from the pope is among a collection of documents from the Vatican’s Secret Archives that has been published for the first time. More Here.

Grand Khan Guyuk
In a letter dated 1246 from Grand Khan Guyuk, pictured, to Pope Innocent IV, Genghis Khan's grandson demands that the Pontiff travel to central Asia in person

Man's penis removed from pipe

Published: 12:49PM GMT 07 Jan 2010

A man who went to casualty with his penis stuck in a steel pipe had to be cut free by firefighters using a metal grinder. More Here.

Witch doctors causing rise in Ugandan child sacrifice

Uganda has developed in leaps and bounds in recent years, but with modernisation has come a disturbing increase in human sacrifice.

The authorities set up an anti-human sacrifice task force in 2009, to try to combat the rise in the number of ritual child killings being performed by witch doctors.

Newsnight's Tim Whewell travelled to Uganda, where he met a former witch doctor now working to convert other witch doctors from their practices.

His report contains accounts that viewers may find disturbing.

Broadcast on Thursday 7 January 2010

In pictures: Child sacrifice in Uganda

The Church of Planned Parenthood?

By Amie Newman, Managing Editor

January 6, 2010 - 12:26pm

Yesterday, Robin linked to a blog post about an absurd situation in Massachusetts that called to me for further exploration for the ways in which this story speaks to how successful the anti-choice leaders have been at disseminating lies about reproductive and sexual health providers as the very root of their movement - fundamentalist religion - is now being used to define these providers. More HERE.

Sword swallower trapped in trance for hours after accidentally hypnotising HIMSELF in a mirror

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:07 PM on 06th January 2010

A circus performer stood locked in a trance for hours after he accidentally hypnotised himself while practising his routine in a mirror. More here.

Madcap: Hannibal Helmurto marrying wife Joanne, who found him in a trance

Madcap: Hannibal Helmurto marrying wife Joanne, who found him in a trance

Jesus turns up in woman's bruise

Jesus bruise
A bloody miracle: The image of Jesus in Mary Massa's bruise. More Here!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Muslim-Hindu punk rock bands push buttons

'One way to deal with my identity as an Arab American,' says one rocker

Drummer Imran Malik and guitarist Basim Usmani of the Muslim Hindu punk band The Kominas rehearse in a basement in Wayland, Mass., on Dec. 19 More here.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Irish atheists challenge new blasphemy laws

Secular campaigners publish series of anti-religious quotes and say they will challenge law if charged with blasphemy More here.


Björk's comment on Buddhism has been included in the series of anti-religious quotes published by Atheist Ireland. Photograph: Getty Images

For Some in Japan, Home Is a Tiny Plastic Bunk

Published: January 1, 2010

TOKYO — For Atsushi Nakanishi, jobless since Christmas, home is a cubicle barely bigger than a coffin — one of dozens of berths stacked two units high in one of central Tokyo’s decrepit “capsule” hotels. More here.

Ko Sasaki for The New York Times

Andy Serkis: From Gollum to Ian Dury

He's very good at playing bad guys, so how will he handle a punk poet turned posthumous national treasure? More here.

andy serkis

Andy Serkis on Ian Dury: 'He was obnoxious, just an arse, you know.' Photograph: Spencer Murphy

Biblical scholar's date for rapture: May 21, 2011

Friday, January 1, 2010

Harold Camping lets out a hearty chuckle when he considers the people who believe the world will end in 2012.

"That date has not one stitch of biblical authority," Camping says from the Oakland office where he runs Family Radio, an evangelical station that reaches listeners around the world. "It's like a fairy tale."

The real date for the end of times, he says, is in 2011. More here.

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