Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Royal cat burglar

Windsor Castle has been the victim of a cat burglar every day for the past four years.

Mime the Windsor Castle cat burlgar /Rex

A cat called Mime, which lives in a Chinese restaurant 50 yards opposite, has been strolling past armed police and royal guards in order to dine with royalty - the Queen's corgis.

Mime is now such a regular visitor she gets VIP treatment. On the Queen's birthday when Mime's normal route was blocked due to a locked gate, security staff opened it especially to let her through.

Owner Kevin Lam said: "When people come to my restaurant after visiting the castle they ask me why the Queen's cat is in the restaurant. I keep having to tell them that she is actually my cat!"

But he said the ten-year-old cat's daily lunchtime visits had not always been appreciated by the corgis.

He told The Sun: "A courtier told me the corgis used to fight with her at first, but after lots of barking and some hissing they came to a sort of truce."

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