Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Black pudding ice cream unveiled

An ice cream company has unveiled its latest mouth watering flavour - made with black pudding.

Dowson's Dairies Ltd of Clayton-le-Dale, Blackburn, Lancs, will serve it next month at the annual Black Pudding Festival in Bacup.

"Most people think we are a bit wacky but with the advent of bacon and egg flavour down south, it shows there is a market," said John Gardner of Dowson's.

The ice cream has small pieces of black pudding like chocolate chip ice cream.

'Unlikely ingredients'

Mr Gardner said the idea for the new flavour came from Master Chef Tom Bridge.

"Chefs tend to go off on their own tangents but unlikely ingredients can taste very good," he said.

The company had experimented adding black puddings to their basic ice cream mix but found a base with mustard added made a better flavour.

"The pieces of black pudding make it look like the chips in chocolate chip ice cream," said Mr Gardner.

He said in keeping with its policy of using local produce it has teamed up with The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Co which is hosting next month's festival.

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