Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Adult-aid maker creates tool to give evolution a helping hand

"This product is going to change masturbation techniques across the world forever," Shigemitsu Moto, president of adult toy maker Daihaku, boasts to Asahi Geino (10/25). "I can say with all confidence that it's revolutionary."

Daihaku's Takumi is indeed unprecedented.

It works by exchanging electronic signals input into video images that trigger internal motors so the action on screen matches the way the masturbation aid moves.

Asahi Geino notes that Takumi is designed to be worn over the erect male organ. Takumi's six internal engines are designed to simulate as closely as possible ministrations that can be administered to that tool, including being gripped with fingers, having its tip licked, lapping along the stalk, powerful sucking and movement of the lips.

When Daihaku displayed a prototype of the Takumi at an adult exposition in Las Vegas last year, it got people raving about its effectiveness.

Daihaku's Moto says he has already had discussions with adult movie companies to put signals into their films that would activate the Takumi. That would allow Takumi users to attach the apparatus to their anatomy while watching an adult movie featuring their favorite fellating female and pretend it was her doing her dexterous duty on his digit while the tool copies her every move.

Moto says the Takumi will go on sale in Japan this December and will undergo further "evolutions" as technology improves.

"By placing electronic signals in movies and developing special software," Moto tells Asahi Geino, "we'll be able to provide the most realistic, most pleasurable virtual sex in the world." (By Ryann Connell)

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