Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pat Robertson denounces hate-crimes bill, falsely claims it doesn't cover religious bias

Yesterday, a genuinely historic moment passed with scarcely a blip of attention from the media: President Obama signed into law the nation's first genuine federal bias-crimes statute.

Everyone interested in advancing civil rights in America and defending the nation's minorities from the deprivation of their rights by terroristic thugs -- particularly their historic victims, from African Americans and Asian Americans to Latinos, to Jews and other religious minorities, to gays and lesbians and transgender folk -- have real cause to celebrate. Brian Levin has a nice collection of their thoughts at HuffPo.

Then, of course, there's the Religious Right, which is holding its collective breath and pouting over the event. Case in point: Pat Robertson at The 700 Club, ripping into the new law both yesterday and today on his show. MORE HERE.


JanetStorms said...

Pat Robertson vs. Larry Flynt debating about prostitution on radio show.

Lily said...

He is such a freaking hypocrite!

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