Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ned Kelly skull 'find' could solve one of Australia's great mysteries

By Richard Shears
Last updated at 11:23 AM on 13th November 2009

For years while he was on the run, robbing banks and holding up stage coaches, police were determined to have bushranger Ned Kelly's head.

Now a farmer claims to have handed over his skull to forensic scientists in Australia, asking them to determine if it really is the head of the notorious highwayman who to this day remains an iconic figure in the country's history, literature and film.

Kelly was hanged in Melbourne on November 11, 1880, but just what happened to his remains has been a mystery down through the decades. More Here.

Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly armour

Bandit: Ned Kelly (left), who was hanged in 1880, wore this armoured suit (right) on his raids. A farmer claims to have handed over Kelly's skull to scientists

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