Sunday, September 06, 2009

Shun Oguri and Hiro Mizushima team up for Fall 2009 Fuji TV police drama

August 24, 7:55 PMJapanese Entertainment ExaminerHannah Buerano

A brand new drama for Fuji TV was announced today in Currently airing drama Buzzer Beat, will be replaced by a drama starring Shun Oguri (26) and Hiro Mizushima (25) in the Fall. According to the news announcement, Oguri and Mizushima will pair off in a buddy cop drama tentatively titled, Tokyo Dogs. As discussed in an earlier article, Getsu-ku's or dramas that air on Monday at 9 PM is considered to garner high ratings. With two handsome young actors, the drama might just attain those high ratings that eluded them in recent drama airings.


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