Saturday, March 01, 2008

"Meteor Garden" Set for Korean Remake

A promotional photo of the Taiwan group F4 (from L to R): Vanness Wu, Vic Zhou, Jerry Yan and Ken Chu. The four actors rose to fame for their roles in the TV drama Meteor Garden, since then they have been referred to as F4, which the four characters in the serial named themselves. [Photo:]

Taiwan's smash hit television drama "Meteor Garden" will soon be made into a Korean version, South Korean media reported.

The remake is scheduled to be screened in late 2008, with twenty-four 70-minute episodes. The cast has not been announced yet, the report said.

The high school-based romance serials, adapted from a Japanese manga, have won extreme popularity in the Chinese-speaking world and catapulted the five leads, Barbie Hsu, Vanness Wu, Vic Zhou, Jerry Yan and Ken Chu, to immediate stardom when it first aired in 2001.

A Japanese version, "Hana Yori Dango," aired in Japan in 2005, also to great success.

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