Sunday, April 08, 2007

Andrew Lin accepts LoveHKFilm Award for Most Underrated Performance 2006

Hong Kong, March 18, 2007
In an unexpected event, actor Andrew Lin met with staff to accept the LoveHKFilm Award for "Most Underrated Performance", earned for his underappreciated work in the 2006 mockumentary The Heavenly Kings. The film was also among's "Top Ten Films of the Year", announced on February 22, 2007, as part of the 2006 LoveHKFilm Awards.

The "Most Underrated Performance" Award is given in recognition of a good performance by an actor that was not noticed or appreciated by the media, award-giving bodies, or the general audience. In The Heavenly Kings, Andrew Lin played himself, but not in an exaggerated or expected manner. Lin was sympathetic and surprisingly likeable as a seemingly humble, yet quietly vain actor, who uses his friends as a way to boost a flagging acting career. The role brought an extra layer to the film's entertainment industry satire, painting artists as not just unfortunate victims, but also conniving opportunists.

Andrew Lin graciously met with LoveHKFilm at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central, Hong Kong, where we shared a cup of coffee and talked about his career, The Heavenly Kings, and the Hong Kong entertainment scene in general. We'd like to thank Andrew for taking the time to connect with fans of Hong Kong film and entertainment, and also for being candid and personable. In a forthcoming update, we'll share more of our conversation with him in a longer feature interview.

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