Saturday, June 09, 2012

Ye olde vampire slaying kit: Victorian oak box complete with wooden stakes, garlic paste and vials of holy water up for auction

  • Casket contains set of rosary beads, three glass bottles containing holy water, holy earth and garlic, and a book of common prayer dated 1857
  • Macabre artefact expected to fetch up to £2,000 
By Tom Gardner

They say you can never be too prepared... but even for the most superstitious person this may be overkill.
A 19th century Vampire slaying kit, which includes a wooden mallet and four oak stakes, glass vials of holy water and garlic paste is expected to fetch up £2,000 when auctioned later this month.
The macabre artefact also has a percussion cap pistol - invented in the 1830 - and a steel bullet mold, all carefully crafted to offer the best protection against any creatures of the night.
The case contains a rosary and crucifix, two glass bottles containing garlic paste and holy water, alongside a pistol and bullet mold
Precautions: The case contains 1) a rosary 2) crucifix 3) a handwritten psalm (Luke 20:27) 4) a pistol 5) four oak stakes 6) a bottle of consecrated earth 7) a common prayer book 8) a wooden mallet 9) silver bullet mold 10) a cloth 11) two glass bottles containing garlic paste and holy water

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