Friday, April 02, 2010

Japanese Penis Festivals

Why they worship the penis in Japan


In the village of Komaki, 45 minutes from the central city of Nagoya, there is a shrine devoted to the phallus. Each spring, the old and young alike come here to see an enormous wooden penis carried through the streets, to eat penis shaped sweets, and to make a penis-spirited wish to god.

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Penis Festival Celebrated By Matsuri: Restaurant To Serve Special Penis-Themed Menu

First Posted: 03-29-10 05:07 PM | Updated: 03-29-10 05:34 PM

This might give new meaning to the name Volcano Roll.

Famed Japanese eatery Matsuri is bringing a little bit of Japan to the US with a special penis-themed menu in honor of Kanamara Matsuri, or Penis Festival.

During the first week of April, residents of Kawasaki, Japan fill the streets with phallic see-saws, penis carving contests, and edible penis replicas in honor of fertility.

Extending this tradition stateside, the Maritime Hotel restaurant is offering a menu featuring Get It Up Hot Pot, Big Sausage, Hard Banana Cream Pie, and a Ginseng Up Cocktail.

And of course no penis-themed would be complete without free condoms, so Planned Parenthood will be handing those out for any after-dinner celebration.

Check out the invite below:


In Pictures: The Japanese Penis Festivals

wakamiya 31 In Pictures: The Japanese Penis Festivals IT’S spring time in Kanamara, Japan and that means it’s time for the festival of the penis. Cheb Fest 2010 will ensure fecundity. They will bumper crops of wheat and babies. LOTS MORE PICTURES HERE.

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