Monday, October 12, 2009

Saved from the sea, the secret Tudor hoard of the Mary Rose on display for the first time

By Beth Hale
Last updated at 7:24 PM on 12th October 2009

She was the pride of Henry VIII's fleet.

After 34 years at sea and three wars, the Mary Rose was regarded by many as invincible.

But on July 19, 1545, as she defended England from a French invasion force, she sank - taking 500 men and a vast treasure trove with her to the seabed.

The ship was painstakingly recovered from the Solent in 1982. Yet only a fraction of her 19,000 artefacts have been displayed - until now. MORE HERE.

A tankard used by sailors to drink their daily ration of gallon of beer (left) and a gold half sovereign dated 1544 and bearing the image of Henry VIII. It represented a month's pay for a sailor at the time

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