Friday, July 24, 2009

Q&A With Director Tak Sakaguchi

Media Blasters' DVD release "Samurai School" brings its rookie director, but veteran actor, Tak Sakaguchi to the forefront. Not many people know this, but the "Versus", "Alive", and "Azumi" star is a real life martial artist who was previously a MMA fighter. Learning this, we had to track him down to ask him some questions. Enjoy the interview below, and be sure to pick up Media Blasters' "Samurai School" DVD (which includes a special commentary by Tak) at HKFlix's 110% guaranteed lowest price.

HK: Various articles say you've trained in Shaolin Kenpo, Bjíquán, boxing, and kick boxing. Can you tell us what age you started and what motivated you? We're also interested in why you selected mostly Chinese disciplines, and if you trained in any traditionally Japanese martial arts.
TS: I think that the most important thing for martial arts is to have balance along your median line. Bjíquán makes your lower body stronger, which helps you keep your balance easily. So I started practicing that when I was 15 years old.


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