Sunday, February 01, 2009

6 Korean Films to Screen at Berlin Festival

The film "Antique" by Min Kyu-dong has been invited to this year's 59th Berlin International Film Festival.

Based on a bestselling manga of the same title, the film will be shown out of competition in a themed section named Culinary Cinema.

"My Dear Enemy" by Lee Yoon-ki, "Land of Scarecrows" by Roh Gyeong-tae, "Members of the Funeral" by Baek Seung-bin, "The Day After" by Lee Suk-gyung and "Treeless Mountain" by Kim So-yong have been invited to the festival’s Forum section.

"Antique," stars Ju Ji-hun, Kim Jae-wook, Andy Gillet, Yu Ain, and Choi Ji-ho.

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