Monday, February 19, 2007

Mum's car after a drunk smashed into us

The Drunk was going around 50 in a 35 zone. Crossed 2 lanes of stopped traffic to the left turning lane (hit one car while doing this). Went straight & crashed his Dodge Ram Truck into my Mum's Prius - death on impact. The drunk continued finally stopping after smashing his truck into the face of a man stopped for the red light (this guy was going the opposite direction of the drunk). Total of seven cars were involved. Two people were sent to the hospital & one death. This was the drivers 3rd DUI, he had no injuries & tried to flee the scene.
The drunk is serving one year each for the two people he sent to the hospital (I was one of them). 2 years for killing my Mum - minus 8 months for taking the deal (It didn't go to trial he pled guilty). Then they 1/2 that for good behavior (he doesn't have to work for it they give it to him). So he's in prison for 1 year 8 months if he doesn't screw up.
So kids if you ever want to get revenge on someone – DO IT DRUNK! Perfect excuse – dang I was drunk I didn’t mean to do it! Shit as long as you don’t injure other people you probably only get 8 months (that’s with 2 DUI’s already).

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